WE AKS-74U Karabino Replika

WE AKS-74U Karabino Replika

Gamintojas: WE
Prekės kodas: 1152196327
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Kaina: 412.41€

WE AKS-74U Karabino Replika 

The 74 UN model which is made of steel and durable plastic by the WE company represents with itself a perfect level of copying the replica. The replica was made with highest attention to detail and the replication of the original firearm. The used blow-back system operates very “hard” just like it befits a replica of this type, therefore, guaranteeing increased realism, both for the shooter as also the observers. This is without any doubt the biggest advantage of this model. It is felt best whenever using the replica in the full-automatic firing mode.

Additionally, another portion of realism is obtained by the new system introduced by the manufacturer – the so called Open Bolt or the Open chamber. The WE replicas that are equipped with this solution do not have the brass insert in the bolt carrier chamber and which was present in the first models made by this company.

The magazine that is included with the set holds 50 BB pellets. It is attached to the replica is a way more similar to the original than in the case of the AEG replicas. The replica is powered with Green-gas. The green gas tank is located in the magazine while as the input valve is discretely hidden in the magazine’s base. The adjustable stock ensures a greater maneuverability in tight rooms than the typical wooden stock that is used in the similar models.

The manufacturer used a few interesting solutions in the replica that improve the old construction. The first one is the interesting magazine well in the magazine nest, which facilitates and shortens the magazine reload time. The second on is the platform on the firing mode selector lever that facilitates its use with the index finger of the right hand. This shortens the time of securing the replica. The last of the improvements is a special carving on the firing mode selector lever allowing to hold the bolt carrier in the backwards position. This shortens the reload time of the replica and prevents it from an accidental shot by blocking the bolt carrier. After shooting the last BB pellet the bolt carrier remains in the backwards position.

The replica is adapted to be powered with a stronger gas than green-gas – CO2.

Veikimo tipas Dujos
Ginklo Specifikacija
Ginklo ilgis mm. 703
Ginklo korpusas Metalas, Plastikas
Ginklo spalva Juoda
Ginklo svoris gr. 3124
GInklo tipas Automatinis karabinas
Hop-Up Yra
Šaudymo rėžimai Pavieniai, Automatinis
Vidinis vamzdelis mm. 230
Galia J. 1.27
Pradinis greitis FPS 370
Dėtuvės medžiaga ABS Plastikas
Dėtuvės Talpa 50
Dėtuvės Tipas Mažos talpos
Atatranka Yra
Dėtuvė(s) 1