ACM VZ-26 Kulkosvaidžio replika ZB26

ACM VZ-26 Kulkosvaidžio replika ZB26

Gamintojas: ACM
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Kaina: 454.00€

 ACM VZ-26  machinegun replica

The outer make of the replica does not leave anything more to wish for – the body, outer barrel and bipod was made from a homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum, qhil the stock, the grip and the pistol grip of wood.

The replica’s construction took into account the quick barrel mechanism known from the real firearms. It is pure cosmetics as there is no need to replace the melted barrel with a new one in the field in the airsoft reality. The replica’s surface was also intentionally aged and covered with a rugged paint in order to make it more raw so it reenacts the prototype from the twenties of the twentieth century. This is why you can also find some clearly visible hard welding marks and the raw texture of the wooden stock.

The replica is equipped with all outer construction features just like the original model. This makes the replica a perfect proposition for historic weaponry fans and the historic reenactment hotheads. Some minor construction changes were made in order to facilitate the user’s comfort and the people who will service the replica – these changes involve the use of some hexagonal and Phillips screws in the outer construction.

Gearbox medžiaga Metalas
Gearbox versija Custom
Veikimo tipas Elektrinis AEG
Ginklo Specifikacija
Ginklo ilgis mm. 1180
Ginklo korpusas Metalas, Medis
Ginklo spalva Juoda
Ginklo svoris gr. 5720
GInklo tipas Kulkosvaidis
Hop-Up Yra
Šaudymo rėžimai Automatinis
Vidinis vamzdelis mm. 650
Galia J. 0.95
Pradinis greitis FPS 320
Dėtuvės medžiaga Metalas
Dėtuvės Talpa 1000
Dėtuvės Tipas Didelės talpos
Rekomenduojamas Akumuliatorius
Akumuliatoriaus talpa mah 1100
Akumuliatoriaus tipas NiMH
Akumuliatoriaus voltažas 9.6
Akumuliatorius jungtis small Tamiya
Atatranka Nėra
Akumuliatorius Yra
Dėtuvė(s) 1
Pakrovėjas Yra