G&G L85 Karabino replika TGL-L85-AFV

G&G L85 Karabino replika TGL-L85-AFV

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Kaina: 419.17€


 G&G L85 Carbine replica

The G&G L85 Sub-carabine replica  made by the G&G company is equipped with a functioning blow-back system and a new gearbox. The shape of the cocking handle was also modified  along with the magazine release button guard thanks to which the shooter does not have to fear of an accidental magazine release. The body bears markings that matches the original firearm’s markings.

As it befits the G&G company, the replica characterizes itself with perfect make and high attention to detail. The replica’s body, the flash-hider, the magazine and some of the minor parts are made of steel while as the parts such as the pistol grip, the cheek-pad and the dust cover ( which is identical to the one used in the original firearm ) are made of durable plastic. The stock’s foot is made of rubber thanks to which this heavy, but perfectly balanced replica does not slip of the shooter’s arm. The pistol grip is equipped with a compartment for tools or other minor objects.

Each replica is equipped with its own unique serial number.

As every bullpup construction the G&G’s L85 A2 construction is firm and handy. It is perfect for CQB encounters, but thanks to the 305mm long barrel which  in comparison to the overall construction is long it will also do its job perfect on middle distances.

The replica is equipped with a 4x magnification scope that is equipped with a QD mount and external open aiming iron sights.

The replica is equipped with a RIS rail set on the its front. Due to the uncommon and compact construction of the replica is it recommended to equip it with a tactical vertical grip.


Gearbox guolių diametras mm 8
Gearbox medžiaga Metalas
Gearbox versija Custom
Veikimo tipas Elektrinis AEG
Ginklo Specifikacija
Ginklo ilgis mm. 585
Ginklo korpusas Metalas, Plastikas
Ginklo spalva Juoda
Ginklo svoris gr. 3800
GInklo tipas Automatinis karabinas
Hop-Up Yra
Šaudymo rėžimai Pavieniai, Automatinis
Vidinis vamzdelis mm. 300
Galia J. 1.10
Pradinis greitis FPS 340
Dėtuvės medžiaga Metalas
Dėtuvės Talpa 450
Dėtuvės Tipas Didelės talpos
Rekomenduojamas Akumuliatorius
Akumuliatoriaus talpa mah 1100
Akumuliatoriaus tipas Nimh
Akumuliatoriaus voltažas 7.4
Akumuliatorius jungtis small Tamiya
Atatranka Yra
Akumuliatorius Nėra
Dėtuvė(s) 1
Pakrovėjas Nėra