G&G M4 Karabino replika su Pneumatinė Blow Back sistema

G&G M4 Karabino replika su Pneumatinė Blow Back sistema

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Kaina: 195.49€

G&G M4 Karabino replika 

The M4 carbine replica made by the G&G company is made within the Combat Machine project which aim was to deliver a high class replica in the price that you could call economical. The Combat Machine replicas characterized themselves with the highest quality of make, high operating culture and the high quality of the materials used – what is very characteristic for the G&G company. The main factor allowing to lower the price is the use of the body and the front grip that were made of high quality plastic instead of metal. The fact that the body itself is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic is also very important – the same also applies to the front-grip and the stock and almost every elements that is made of plastic. On the other hand, the outer barrel, the stock’s pipe, the attachment points, the magazine casing and the most of the minor elements are made of metal.

The replica was made in the colors of black, white and the steel gray of the magazine. It is perfect for fighting on short and middle distances due to the use of the M100 main spring that guarantees the muzzle velocity of about 310-320 FPS. The use of single top RIS rail allows for the attachment of any given optical aiming device. Moreover, thanks to the complete RIS rail system that is located in the place of the front grip it is possible to attach additional gear such as a tactical grip, a flashlight, a laser target marker and so on…

An extraordinary Blow-Back system, known from the Top Tech replica ( the more “professional” and what follows it – the more expensive G&G line ), provides additional realism for the user of the replica and ensures additional experiences for the user himself.

The Pneumatic Blow-Back system operates on the principal of taking a part of the compressed air from the gearbox to a special cylinder that is located above the gearbox’s casing. The small piston that is located in the Pneumatic Blow-Back system moves a thin plate that is attached to it. The plate imitates the bolt carrier.

ATTENTION: The manufacturer does not recommend using batteries stronger than 8,4V due to the fact of the possibility of damaging the aforementioned plate.

The G&G replica’s that are equipped with the Pneumatic Blow-Back system have got a reinforced and modified V.2 gearbox. The modification that was made was the adaptation of the gearbox to the Pneumatic Blow-Back system and adding the “active main spring release” button in the form of the actuator.

Additionally, the gearbox is equipped with:


  • A ball bearing main spring guide,
  • 8mm ball bearings,
  • A ball bearing aluminum piston head,
  • A sealed nozzle,
  • The MOSFET system,
  • A reinforced piston without the second teeth,
  • A low-resistance wiring,
  • A M90 main spring,



Gearbox guolių diametras mm 8
Gearbox medžiaga Metalas
Gearbox versija 2
Veikimo tipas Elektrinis AEG
Ginklo Specifikacija
Ginklo ilgis mm. 880
Ginklo korpusas Metalas, Plastikas
Ginklo spalva Balta
Ginklo svoris gr. 2480
GInklo tipas Automatinis karabinas
Hop-Up Yra
Šaudymo rėžimai Pavieniai, Automatinis
Vidinis vamzdelis mm. 357
Galia J. 1.07
Pradinis greitis FPS 340
Dėtuvės medžiaga Metalas
Dėtuvės Talpa 450
Dėtuvės Tipas Didelės talpos
Rekomenduojamas Akumuliatorius
Akumuliatoriaus talpa mah 1100
Akumuliatoriaus tipas NiMH
Akumuliatoriaus voltažas 8.4
Akumuliatorius jungtis Small tamiya
Atatranka Yra
Akumuliatorius Nėra
Dėtuvė(s) 1
Pakrovėjas Nėra