SNOW WOLF Barrett M99 Karabino replika SW-01

SNOW WOLF Barrett M99 Karabino replika SW-01

Gamintojas: Snow Wolf
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Kaina: 325.97€

SNOW WOLF Barrett M99 Karabino replika

The first replica of high-caliber M99 rifle. The model was constructed of steel and metal, plastic is only pistol grip. Body replicas is made steel sheet (this represents approximately 730 mm piece of a single item!). Steel is also a multi-position folding bipod. Outer barrel with a reducer (brake) of the recoil is made of metal. Inside replica is inner barrel with length of 590 mm. Magazine holds 20 bbs, which are always need to be introduced into the chamber by pulling the bolt arrangement in 4 tacts(like most sniper rifles). On the back of the body is RIS rail with a length of 310 mm, allows for mounting additional accessories.

In addition to that set, there is also a 3-9x50 scope with illuminated cross type Mil-Dot. Ilumminating is adjustable in the range of 0-10.

Internal mechanism, as provided by the manufacturer, is fully compatible with the system of APS-2. Adjustable hop-up is inside the magazine slot.


Veikimo tipas Spyruoklinis
Ginklo Specifikacija
Ginklo ilgis mm. 1245
Ginklo korpusas Metalas, Plastikas
Ginklo spalva Juoda
Ginklo svoris gr. 6790
GInklo tipas Snaiperinis
Hop-Up Yra
Šaudymo rėžimai Pavieniai
Vidinis vamzdelis mm. 590
Galia J. 2.14
Pradinis greitis FPS 480
Dėtuvės Talpa 20
Dėtuvės Tipas Mažos talpos
Atatranka Nėra
Dėtuvė(s) 1